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Special Greeting for Rosh HaShanah

We would like to like to wish you שנה טובה ומתוקה (Happy and sweet new year). Ahavat Ammi is made up of collection of individuals who believe in the restoration of the awesome and and wonderful name of Yeshua. Here is a short Greeting video and summary video from Rabbi Itzhak Shapira.

Sukkot - Season of our Joy!


Sukkot is the season of our Joy and considered the "Festival of the Nations, what makes Sukkot so unique and so Messianic? Join us for a daily Lesson with Rabbi Shapira

Questions and Answers


In Hebrew, שות means "Questions and Answers", watch Rabbi Shapira as he answers some of the most common questions within a Messianic Framework.

Virtual Resource Center

When Jews Meet Yeshua

Watch the life changing stories of Jews who encountered the real Jewish Messiah.

Jewish Questions & Answers

Please visit our extensive answers for Jewish objections to Yeshua.

Extensive Torah Lessons

“Visit our virtual Biet-Midrash” to learn with Rabbi Shapira.

Audio Midrashim

“Visit our Audio center to listen to a life changing Sermon.

Our Sages Declared...

Rabbi ben-Abba said in Rabbi Yochanan’s name: ‘All the Prophets prophesied [the good things] only for the days of the Messiah.’

Sanhedrin 99a