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Ahavat Ammi Update Shvat 5775

As we welcome Tu B'ishvat we are so thrilled to launch Yeshivat Shuvu. The word שובו in Hebrew means to return to a "familiar place". The task of restoration has been a pressing issue to us. A restoration of the Jews to cry out "Baruch Haba B'eshem Adonai" and restoration of the gentiles to cry be "filled with new knowledge". Yeshivat Shuvu will introduce all of it with great teaching and a structured program. We are thrilled release this demo as we prepare for the great harvest.

Weekly Torah Pearls


Join us each week for a special Lesson from the Torah with Rabbi Shapira and guests!

Questions and Answers


In Hebrew, שות means "Questions and Answers", watch Rabbi Shapira as he answers.

Virtual Resource Center

When Jews Meet Yeshua

Watch the life changing stories of Jews who encountered the real Jewish Messiah.

Jewish Questions & Answers

Please visit our extensive answers for Jewish objections to Yeshua.

Extensive Torah Lessons

“Visit our virtual Biet-Midrash” to learn with Rabbi Shapira.


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Our Sages Declared...

Rabbi ben-Abba said in Rabbi Yochanan’s name: ‘All the Prophets prophesied [the good things] only for the days of the Messiah.’

Sanhedrin 99a